1. Getting Around: RoastPATH, the Portal & the Bridge


  • Installed on your laptop. Requires Windows 10 & broadband internet. Available in the Mircrosoft Store
  • Record and archive coffee roasting data including bean temperature, environmental temperature and incoming air temperature. Development phases recorded in real time.
  • Manually record time-stamped fuel, fan, drum speed adjustments as well as sensory cues and roast notes.
  • Identify MasterPATHs for each coffee and use them as underlays on your roast screen.
  • Record greens details and use those greens to create coffees to profile.
  • Version track coffee blends to allow tracking of rotating greens in year-round branded blends.

RoastPATH Bridge

  • The bridge that connects and translates thermocouple data via modbus or phidget to RoastPATH.
  • Automatically installed along with RoastPATH and automatically launches to connect your roaster to RoastPATH each time you launch RoastPATH. You can find it in your system tray.

RoastPATH Portal

  • Online Portal to manage your roastery, your account and review your data from anywhere.
  • Review and share past profiles with colleagues, coaches or the public.
  • Administrative tasks – add roasters, invite members, manage your roastery.
  • Manage your RoastPATH account.
  • Access the RoastPATH Community Forums.

2. Create a RoastPATH account

Visit the RoastPATH Portal to register for a RoastPATH account. 

NOTE: RoastPATH is currently in Beta Mode and an invitation code is required to register. To apply to be part of the beta testing group, apply using our Beta Testers Application. Space is limited.

  • Username & Password: Used to login to RoastPATH, RoastPATH Portal and the forums. To change your password, visit My Account on the RoastPATH Portal.
  • First Name & Last Name: These will be used to identify you inside the RoastPATH App and visible only to members of your organization.
  • Display Name: Used to publicly identify you in the forums and any publicly shared profiles.
  • Email
  • Organization: Name of your business or location. If your business has multiple locations, consider naming to indicate location (MCR Roastery & MCR Big Red Roast Rig)
  • Organization Primary Email: Best contact email address for billing.
  • Invitation Code: Request an invite.
The RoastPATH Portal is the web-based component of your RoastPATH account where you can find administrative controls such as adding roasters, inviting members to your roastery and managing passwords, permissions, and payments. The Portal is also home the RoastPATH Community Forums.

3. Add your roaster

Sign into your RoastPATH Portal to choose ‘Roasters‘ on the left side. Select ‘Add a New Roaster‘.

  • Name (Your internal name for your roaster)
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Series

Your selection of manufacturer, model and series will give you a suggested configuration which will allow your roaster to connect to RoastPATH. After you install the app, if you have a connection issue, contact support for help.

4. Install the App

Install the app on your laptop. Requires Windows 10 & broadband internet. Available in the Mircrosoft Store

Still need help? Ask the RoastPATH Forums.

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