1. Overview: Greens & Coffees

GREENS are the raw materials or the “components”. For each Green you can record origin, processing, varietal, supplier, delivery dates, etc. These are your building blocks.

COFFEE is the roasted product you’re creating with those components or building blocks. Sometimes a coffee has a few components (a blend) sometimes it has just one component (a single origin). All of our profile information and eventually, cupping information belongs to the coffee and is archived under that coffee for future reference. 

2. Adding Greens

Navigate to GREENS in RoastPATH (upper left menu). Click the “ADD NEW GREEN” button on the upper right of the greens screen.

  • Nickname: Your internal name for a green. This can be edited at any time and is not required to be unique.
  • Active/Inactive: Check on and off to track availability of a green within your roastery. 
  • Sample: Mark a green as a sample. On the greens screen, samples will be marked with an (S) icon. Pro-Tip: When you a sample green to create the sample coffee, that coffee will be automatically noted with an (S) on your coffee page to help you track the roast profiles of your samples. 
  • Contract Section: Record information about supplier, contract, and delivery as required/preferred. 
  • Greens Details Section: Record information about origin and varietal as required/preferred. Pro-Tip: Use a RoastPATH ID as a shortcut to fill in greens details. 

RoastPATH IDs are 11 digit numbers that serve as a short cut to entering in details on a specific green. The information provided will come directly from the supplier/importer and numbers are specific to those suppliers/importers. As we onboard more suppliers, RoastPATH IDs will be limited. Mill City Roasters is providing RoastPATH IDs for any greens that pass through our facility from Cafe Imports. Those IDs can be found on millcityroasters.com under each respective green.

3. Creating Coffees

Navigate to COFFEE in RoastPATH (upper left menu). Click the “CREATE NEW COFFEE” button on the upper right of coffees screen – or- there is a shortcut button on each greens detail screen as well.


  • Name: Your name for the coffee you are creating. 
  • Active/Inactive: Check on and off to track the life of this coffee in your roastery. 
  • Type: Select Single-Origin -or- Pre-Roast Blend. If coffee will be a single origin, under ‘Components’ you will identify the single green used as a component in this single origin coffee. If you choose Pre-Roast Blend, under ‘Components’ you will be asked the number of greens you will use, specify those greens and the percentage used of each.
  • Project: You may choose to identify this coffee as being part of a project.

4. Versions of Coffees

RoastPATH automatically creates a new version each time the greens used in that coffee are changed (shown as V.1, V.2, etc.). For example, if you have an house blend coffee through which you rotate several greens but maintain the name or brand of the coffee, RoastPATH will automatically create a new version when the greens are changed. This automatic recording will allow you to track back to the specific green(s) when comparing profiles or cupping notes over time. Versions numbers are not currently editable.

Still need help? Ask the RoastPATH Forums.

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