1. Set your roaster & your coffee

On the left, choose from the available roasters in your account. To add a roaster, visit your RoastPATH Portal

On the right, choose the coffee you are roasting from your active coffees. You can also verify your username and your location in the menu bar.

2. Charge your drum

When you’re ready to charge you drum, hit the ‘COUNTDOWN’ button first and the RoastPATH will give you a 3 second countdown to release your greens from the hopper to the drum.

3. Events: Marking, Unmarking and Moving

Six buttons on the left side are used to mark temperature and sensory events.

  • Countdown (starts a 3 second countdown to drum charge)
  • Turning Point (RoastPATH will automatically insert based on the calculated low point of the bean temperature curve)
  • Green > Yellow
  • First Crack
  • Second Crack
  • Drop 

If you need to unmark an event, hit the undo icon on the right side of that event button. See screen snippets below.

If you need to edit the location of an event, choose the location on the bean temp curve and click for move/insert options. See screen snippets below.

5. Recording Fuel, Fan, and Drum Speed

The NOTES panel in the lower left hand corner allows you to record fuel, fan and drum speed as well as text notes.

Click the + sign to add a fuel, fan, drum speed or text note. See screen snippet below.

Inside the minute and second will automatically pre-fill with the current time. Select your note type (fuel, fan, drum speed or text) and enter your setting/content. See screen snippet below.

To edit or delete a note, select the note in the list and delete and edit buttons will appear. See screen snippet below.

6. Customizing the gauge

Control the information shown on your gauge and on the graph.

Move the gauge from the right side of the roast screen to the left.

7. Targets & MasterPATHs

Use the icons on the upper right corner of your graph to insert single targets (time & temp) or insert a MasterPATH.

MasterPATHs are profiles can be used as underlays on the graph. You can have one MasterPATH per coffee at a time but they can be changed anytime by marking a new profile as a MasterPATH on the save screen or editing an existing profile and choosing to make that profile your new MasterPATH.

8. Saving your profiles

Profile details can be saved in the slideout on the right side of your screen. Saved profiles are stored inside the details of your coffee on the coffee screen. You can also access your most recent profiles in your dashboard.

8. Temperature Offset – Sensor Overrides

Settings of your roaster are adjusted on the RoastPATH Portal. You can find them at portal.roastpath.com/roasters. Select the roaster you are adjusting. At the bottom of the roaster description, choose ‘Sensor Overrides’.

On the next screen, you can adjust your temperature offset as required.

Still need help? Ask the RoastPATH Forums.

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