RoastPATH Beta

We are currently accepting applications for beta testers.

FAQ about RoastPATH Beta

RoastPATH Beta is a limited release version of our new data logging software for coffee roasters. Early rounds of beta testing will focus on the main roasting interface and organizing greens, coffee and profiles. Our new RoastPATH Community Forums will be also available to beta testers to discuss both the app and general coffee roasting topics.

As a beta tester, your use will be to help us test the stability of the app and help us find bugs. 

As with any beta testing, there will be bugs/glitches. Users with slow internet may see disruptions in the app while roasting.

RoastPATH Beta requires Windows 10 and broadband internet. 

(We do plan to release RoastPATH for iOS in the future.)

RoastPATH will work for most roasters that use Phidgets or PIDs for data transfer. 

Apply below. We will notify you when we are able to accept more people into our beta group.


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