5-Step Quick Start

Request an invite to download the RoastPATH®.

If you've requested an invite, we've sent you an invitation code via email. Go to the RoastPATH registration page and create an account using that code.

Register for a RoastPATH account
Add your Roaster

Let's add your roaster to your RoastPATH account. All administrative tasks such as managing roasters, users, account details are done in the Portal. To get started, add your roaster here: https://portal.roastpath.com/roasters

If you need help, jump to 'Add Your Roaster' our Help Center.

PC users: Download the RoastPATH app from the Microsoft Store

Mac users: Go to the RoastPATH® Download Page to get the Mac OS version.

Install the RoastPATH App
Welcome to RoastPATH

Use the same username/password to sign into the RoastPATH app.

  1. Add a green coffee to your Green Coffee Library
  2. Take that green and create a coffee
  3. Roast that coffee

Check out the RoastPATH Forums to connect with other coffee pros as well as the RoastPATH and Mill City Roasters teams.


If you'd like to talk about general coffee topics, the entire forum is also open to you. The forums are read-only to everyone else.

Connect with the community

Need help? Ask the RoastPATH Forums or visit the Help Center.

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